General Stuff

Eyewitness to History
Royalty Free Images
Vintage Avatars – Fun images from days gone by.
Time and Date – Find times and dates and other info at this site.
SaruDama -Japanese Popular Culture
Maps of the World
Travel Math – Determine travel time, distance and cost
Civilization Creator – A useful generator for world-building.
The New York Times Newsroom Navigator
American Museum of Natural History
Global Themes in History
Wikibooks – A free library of educational texts – Free downloads of over 25,000 books! A researcher’s treasure trove.
Television Tropes – A great site that features tropes, which are those expectations that an audience or reader has about a particular genre
Book Title Generator – A random generator of book titles for your next magnum opus.
Gothic Romance Title Generator – A bit of fun and you might even get an idea!
Random Romance Novel Title Generator – And still more!
Public Domain Image Sights – Public Domain images
Morgue File – Free Images
Jupiter Images – Stock Images
Survival Topics -Your Online Survival King

Personality Types
Common Careers for Personality Types
Handson Provocateuse
Random Name Generator
This I Believe – A collection of essays on what people believe. Useful for giving your character a strong belief.
Detailed Character Generator – Need a character in a pinch? Try this site.
O*Net – Website for researching jobs and careers for your characters
Behind The Name – A website for finding out the etymology and history of your character’s name.
Occupational Outlook Handbook – A great resource for researching your character’s occupations and jobs.
Keirsey – Four Temperaments – An overview of the Four Temperaments according the Keiresy system of personality types.
The Seven Deadly Sins – Need a sin for your character? Check out this site.

Writing Historicals
Medieval Spell
Middle Ages Research Site
Victorian Passage
Marie Antoinette PBS
Victorian Life
Regency World
Social Customs During the Regency Era
Good Ton – A Regency Resource
Old Bailey Online – London’s Central Criminal Court 1674-1913
The Victorian Web
The Victorian Age – Design
History of Furniture Timeline
The Time Traveler’s Guide to Victorian Britain
The Victorian Web
Victorian Crime and Punishment
Documenting the American South
Domestic Goddesses AKA Scribbling Mobs of Women
19th Century America
Manor House – Edwardian Reality Show
Edwardian Society
Louisiana Studies in Historic Preservation
French Creoles
African-Americans in New Orleans
Historical Dancing Manuals
Anglo-Saxon Locations
Dickens’ Glossary
The Victorian Gentlemen
BBC – Victorian History
Mrs. Breton’s Book of Household Management – Victorian Era
Dictionary of Victorian London
Elizabethan Costuming Page
Deb’s Historical Research Page
Knighthood, Chivalry & Tournaments
Heilbrunn Timeline of Art History
Decollete – A Severed Head Gallery
Sword Play for Romance Writers
Obsidian, The Catacombs of Paris

Writing Paranormal
What’s Your Sign – The Doorway to Signs and Symbols
Tarot Card Generator
Dracula – Between Hero and Vampire
Astrological Traditions
American Federation of Astrologers
The Shadowlands – Ghosts and Hauntings
Lady Gryphon’s Mythical Realms.Com
Delirums Realm
Writing Horror

Writing Science Fiction
Tarot Card Generator
SFR Brigade
Space Freighters
Hall of Human Origins
The Craft of Writing Science Fiction
Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds
Learn Na’Vi
World-Building Resources
On-line Handbook of Space Astronomy and Astrophysics
Science Fiction Citations
Glossary of Science Fiction
Acclerating Future Lexicon
National Geographic Star Wars Article
Star Trek Aliens
Genrework – Writing Science Fiction
Infinite Coolness
Talk Origins
Science AGoGo
Ex Astris Scienta
Strange Horizons

Writing Steampunk
Victorian Life
Lateral Science
Victorian Science
History of London Metrpolitan Police Force
Steampunk Outfit
Steampunk and Gaslight Fiction
Victorian Roleplaying Themes
Victorian Science
Victorian Robots
Aether Emporium – Steampunk website

Writing Fantasy
Medieval Spell
Tarot Card Generator
Artwork of Stephaine Pui-Mun Law
Creating Fantasy and Science Fiction Worlds
Medieval Name Generator
Medieval Naming Guides
Thirty Days of World-Building
What’s In A Name: Origins of Names from Harry Potter
Mythical and Fantasy Creatures
Fantastic Victoriana
PoeWar – Writer’s Resources
Seventh Sanctum
Internet Sacred Text Archive
The Center for Story & Symbol
Reflection’s Edge
Magical Art of Thalia Took
SurLaLune Fairy Tales
Encyclopedia Mythica

Writing Mysteries
Global Mysteries
Fire Investigation
Crime Scene Investigation
Mystery Writing & Crime
Crime Scene
Crimes and Clues
Sisters In Crime
Criminal Codes
Prison Life

Writing Erotica
Ask Men – Women and Sexuality
Sex-Lexis – Dictionary of Sexual Terms
The Pleasure Chest – Mature Content
My Pleasure – Sex Toys for Men, Women and Couples – Mature Content
Vintage Spanking Photos – Mature Content
Erotic Romance
Erotica Authors’ Association
Erotica Readers & Writers Blog – Mature Content
Erotica Readers & Writers – Mature Content
Sex Talk for Wicked Women
The Erotic Woman – Mature Content
The Erotica Reader
Glossary of Unusual Sex Practices – Mature Content

Writing Westerns
The Wild West
30 Great Westerns
Cowboy’s Personal Gear
Love Western Romances
Western Historical Links
Texas Ranch House
HBO’s Deadwood
The Wild West
Western Movie Hats
Deadwood Revealed

In Search of Myths and Heroes
Encyclopedia of Myths
Theoi Greek Mythology – Website devoted to the Greek myths.
Llewellyn Encyclopedia – Articles on mythology and folklore
Dictionary of the History of Ideas

Languages and Travel
Ephemeral New York
Open Sound New Orleans
Urban Dictionary
Babylon.Com – Translation website
Virtual Tourist

Clothing and Costumes
Movie Costumes Through Time
Patterns of History
History of Victorian Costume
Timeline of 19th Century Dress
Polyvore – Fashion Trends & Styles
The Ladies Treasury of Costume and Fashion
The Black Tie Guide
The Black Book
Vintage Clothing