Lickalcious Previously Published as Sweet Spot

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Alice Parker has convinced herself that as the owner of a candy story her face should probably be slapped on wanted posters and displayed in every dentist’s office in the country.

So the last man she expected to fall for was a tall, dark and handsome orthodontist by the name of Edward Larkin, who has come to town to stop the wedding of his niece, who also just happens to be the daughter of Alice’s best friend.

Will Alice not only save the wedding but tempt the non-candy eating Edward into tasting her wares? And her?

Manhattan Vampire Previously Published as Madison Avenue Vampire

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It’s the swinging Sixties and Richard Harlan owns one of Manhattan’s major advertising agencies. He’s also a vampire who hungers to make love to Lana Sorenson’s lush, voluptuous body. He also thirsts to sink his fangs into her lovely neck. Richard’s desire for blood is nearly out of control and surrendering to both his lusts may deprive Lana of her life.

Lana Sorenson is the proverbial farmer’s daughter. A small town girl from Wisconsin, Lana regularly sees things in New York she never would have imagined in her wildest dreams. But when she finds out the handsome, sexy man she’s dating is a vampire, Lana is faced with the terrifying possibility that the first time she and Richard make love could also be the last. Literally.

Kiss of a Witch Previously Published as Kiss of Honor

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Gawain yearns to become the perfect knight. Loyal, brave and, most importantly, pure. He has yet to experience the pleasure of bedding a woman, though many have tried to tempt the handsome knight. When he’s sent by his tyrant-king to find a witch named Mother Wildrose, he soon finds his vow to remain chaste severely tested.

Miriam Wildrose is a beautiful, strong-willed and passionate hedge-witch who is devoted to the people of her village. She urgently entreats Gawain to rise up against the tyrant, even as she tries to seduce the extraordinarily endowed knight into her bed.

Will Miriam persuade Gawain to defy his king? And will he give in to his own burning desire for her?