Olivia Evans

Photo by Colter Olmstead on Unsplash

Olivia Evans

Olivia Evans is the heroine of the four book series, World Without End, which takes place in a world in which the dead have risen.

Age: 19
Hair: Brown
Eyes: Brown

Olivia is thoughtful and determined, but she’s also insecure, unable to convince herself she has what it takes to survive in this new world where the dead walk.

Theme Song: “Flower of the Universe” by Sade at Spotify or YouTube

Astrological Sign: Virgo

MBTI: ISFJ – They tend to have a sense of personal responsibility. They bring a quiet warmth, caring and dependability to all that they do.

Some Notable ISFJs – Carole Peletier (Walking Dead)

Evey Hammond (V for Vendetta)

Enneagram – Six (The Loyalist – Responsible, Anxious) Also known as the Tender Defender

Tarot Court Card – Queen of Wands – The Court Card for Olivia’s Personality Type

Story Aspects

Story Goal: To survive in this horrific new world and to keep her promise to her father to not only survive but to live a full life.

Her Lie: That she doesn’t have the strength nor the skills to survive this new world.

Her Truth: That not only does she have people who believe in her but she does have the strength to do more than just survive.

Her Ghost: Having to not only witness her beloved father turning into one of the Risen but having to kill him.